Vai Wai

Natural Artesian Water

When you look around the shelves, you probably see many different types of water, let alone brands. This can be confusing at times: what are artesian, spring, mineral, pure, natural waters for example? All these terms have a definition which can sometimes vary from one country to another.

VaiWai® is 'natural artesian water', meaning that our water comes from a well that taps Aquifera confined aquifer; a trapped water-bearing underground layer of rock or sand in which the water will rise under its own hydrostatic pressure above its natural level.

Being in an aquifer deep below the surface helps avoid contamination from human or non-human related activities but to VaiWai® that is not enough. Our company also ensures that no contaminating activities take place in or near the water catchment, and uses good organic farming practices resulting in 'Kila Organics' farm and it's crops of spices receiving certification by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Additionally, the company's water bottling processes and standards have been separately audited by ACO and now VaiWai® enjoys the status of BFA Registered Product # 11129AP."


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